Big Data Analysis

Big Data analysis can provide an undeniable lead to your organization in terms of risk management and investigations. With the aim of meeting our customers' exacting standards, the Vidocq Group combines a number of analytical tools including data analysis software, visualization software and in-house tools. These tools, along with our team’s expertise in complex investigations, allow our analysts to extract critical information in a clear and intelligible fashion. This type of analysis can be useful for:

  • Emails
  • Internet connection logs
  • Telephone records
  • Bank statements
  • Brokerage statements
  • Trading reports (securities transactions)
  • Large volumes of digitized material
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) logs

These analytical services allow the Vidocq Group to quickly and effectively diagnose cases, such as complex litigation and disputes, political corruption, unfair competition, market manipulations, insider trading, compliance with copyright and related rights, as well as violations of the FCPA (US), LCAPE (Canada) and UK Bribery Act. Vidocq Group analysts are skilled with the art of guerrilla analytics, quickly adapting to unique challenges according to the type of data and the environment in which it exists.

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